Two Brides Wedding

Two Brides Wedding

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Two Brides Wedding

Sarah and Leiha’s day was the first two brides wedding I was asked to photograph. I am always delighted to photograph a same sex wedding. It is wonderful to see how far Ireland has progressed in terms of liberty and equality. Everyone is now free to marry whoever they love. 

The first thought that crossed my mind on the day was how lovely it was that there were two beautiful brides in the pictures. It looked like a mirror image. 

My Creative Approach

Sarah and Leiha chose me as their photographer as they were looking for natural wedding photography. I like to photograph a wedding in a natural and unobtrusive way. Most importantly Brides look at their most beautiful if they are not heavily posed. Also everyone can enjoy their day more if they do not have to worry about posing for photographs. 

Mostly I like to keep things simple and not make a fuss. Especially suited to people who do not like having their photograph taken. The majority of couple who choose me do not. However they always say my approach made them actually enjoy the experience. Not liking to have my photograph taken myself so I understand how people feel. 

The Wedding Day

There was a beautiful wedding ceremony at the Collins Room in The Angler’s Rest. A beautiful alternative wedding venue. It gave a lovely rustic charm to the photographs. 

After the ceremony we headed to the nearby Phoenix Park for some bridal portraits. The natural beauty of the park is an ideal backdrop for wedding pictures. One of my favourite photograph was set against an area of evergreen trees. With the bridal trains spread out it looks like a mirror image. The deer at a safe distance were also a nice addition to the pictures.

Then we returned to The Angler’s Rest for some family pictures. Also I also try to keep as natural looking as possible. Importantly Sarah and Leiha were delighted with their photographs. They thought they looked very natural. A happy couple is always one of the most rewarding part of wedding photography for me. 

So if you are looking for a same sex wedding photographer feel free to call me anytime. My mobile number is 087 995 1252. I would love to hear about your wedding plans.

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