Civil Ceremony in Dublin

Civil Ceremony in Dublin

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Civil Wedding Ceremony Photo

Civil Wedding Photography

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Civil Wedding Photo

Wedding Photograph in Dublin City Center

Wedding Photo in Dublin City Center

Weddding Pic in Dublin City Center

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Dublin City Center Wedding Photo

I always really enjoy photographing a Dublin registry office wedding because of all the nice backdrops there are for the photographs in the surrounding areas of the canal and Georgian Dublin. I have a favourite route that I like to take couples along after their registry office wedding. It takes in the banks of the Grand Canal, Georgian Dublin and finally to Merrion Square Park. I find it makes couples feel like they were taking a nice walk through Dublin after being married and not like they were posing for wedding photographs, it is also fun and relaxed. I also came up with the idea recently of having the guest stand on the Locks crossing the canal for the group photograph which I think looks lovely. That area of the canal is only a three minute walk from the registry office so is also very convenient for the family pictures. It all makes for a lovely story of your wedding day. The whole process from the registry office to Merrion square takes around 45 minutes so it will not take a lot of time out of your wedding day. If you like my style and my registry office wedding photographs please get in touch, I would be delighted to photograph your wedding.