FAQs - Wedding Photography Services in Dublin

” Deirdre was extremely professional and courteous, she listened to what we wanted and our desire to keep things simple. This and her skill as a photographer has left us with fantastic photographs and wonderful reminders of our special day. “

How long have you been photographing weddings?

I have been photographing weddings for 15 years and the most rewarding part is how happy the bride and groom have been with their photographs.

What is your wedding photography style?

My style is natural and unobtrusive. Primarily I like to keep things simple and not make a fuss, which I find people really appreciate.This is especially suited for people who do not like having their photographs taken.

I started to photograph weddings around the same time that I began to work with The New York Times, I worked in New York for over a decade, so I brought that documentary approach to my wedding photography. 

It makes the bride and groom feel comfortable and people look at their very best when they are relaxed. I do not like to impose myself on the day so apart from the portrait session, which I also keep natural-looking, I think people usually do not notice me. A priest recently remarked that he did not even think I was in the church and I never use flash during the ceremony.

How long do the portraits take?

So that no one will miss the party, I like to keep the bridal and family portraits to half an hour at the most. I also ask people to walk towards the camera for the portrait session, it gives people something to do and I find it makes people smile of their own accord. I came up with this idea on the very first wedding I ever photographed to make the pictures more contemporary and natural.

What is your timeline of coverage?

My typical timeline of coverage is from bridal preparations until everyone sits down to dinner, but I can stay longer if you would like.

Do you travel for weddings?

Yes, I always enjoy traveling to another part of the country to photograph a wedding. There would be a small extra fee as I like to arrive the night before so that I am not traveling on the wedding day.

Are you insured?

Yes, I have full public liability insurance and my equipment is insured also.

Pre-wedding Meetings?

By the day of the wedding, I have usually met with the couple at least once to have a good understanding of their requirements. Some couples feel this is enough but I am happy to meet as many times as you would like.

Wedding Photography Packages?

These days I find that the USB package is the most popular with couples but I also do storybooks and leather albums. You may see my wedding photography packages here.

How long after the wedding will we receive our images?

I will have an online slide show for you within two weeks and all images within a month.

How do we get in touch?

Feel free to call me on my mobile at 087 995 1252 for a (no obligations) chat about your wedding day.