Croke Park Wedding

Croke Park Wedding PhotographChurch Wedding Photograph in Dublin A Croke Park Wedding PhotographA Croke Park Wedding Photograph on the Skyline above the stadium Croke Park Wedding Photograph on the Skyline above the stadiumCroke Park Wedding Photograph in the stadium standsCroke Park Wedding Photo in the changing rooms at the stadiumA Croke Park Wedding Photo Croke Park Wedding Photo in the stadium changing rooms.

Croke Park Wedding Photo at Hill 16
Croke Park Wedding Photograph in the stands at the stadiumCroke Park Wedding Photo at Hill 16
It was a marriage of Dublin and Cork GAA supporters at Annette and Paul’s Croke Park Wedding. I always like to give a sense of place and story to my wedding photographs and Croke Park made for great backdrops for the photographs and a unique wedding venue. Annette and Paul were married at St Peter’s Church in Phibsborough Village which also is a lovely location for pictures and we did a nice group photograph of all the wedding guests outside the church following the ceremony. Then it was on to Croke Park for the wedding reception and we had full access to the Croke Park Skyline, the dressing rooms, the stands and Hill 16 which created a nice story of the day. It was also a lot of fun for everyone, myself included.

I photographed the majority of Annette and Paul’s wedding candidly to capture the atmosphere in a natural and unobtrusive manner. I primarily photographed the couple walking through the stadium so it was like they were fans taking a guided tour of Croke Park on their wedding day and not posing for photographs.

Annette and Paul were delighted with their photographs which is always one of the most rewarding part of wedding photography for me. If you like my wedding photographs and my style please feel free to call me anytime on my mobile at 087 995 1252, I would love to hear about your Croke Park Wedding Plans.