Dublin City Hall Wedding

Dublin City Hall Wedding

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Dublin City Hall Wedding

It was a lovely day in September for Siobhan and Dave’s Dublin City Hall Wedding. Siobhan and Dave chose me to photograph their city hall wedding for my style. I like to photograph a wedding in a natural and unobtrusive manner. Primarily I like to keep things simple and not make a fuss. This was just what they were looking for. The majority of people who choose me to photograph their wedding are a little camera shy. So my approach really suits people who do not like having their photograph taken.

The Wedding Day

I always like to give a sense of Dublin to city centre weddings. The setting of City Hall and Dublin Castle nearby make for lovely backdrops for wedding photographs. The settings also add to the story of the day. I met with Siobhan and her bridal party at the North Star Hotel. The getting-ready pictures also add to the story of the day. Rarely do I do any posed pictures at this point of the day unless requested. Blending into the background and photograph everything as it is happening.

I headed in the direction of City Hall and went across the road to The Oak. Dave and his groomsman having a quick pint and to capture the old-world charm of The Oak. There was also a twist to the tale of the day. Siobhan had hired a horse and carriage to bring herself and her father to City Hall. As it happened there was a parade and protest in Dublin that afternoon. The Quays and Dame Street were blocked to all traffic. All routes to City Hall were closed. An Garda Síochána came to the rescue and gave Siobhan and her father a motorbike escort through the city. The staff at City Hall said this was a first and had never seen such a thing before. A great photograph it made coming up Parliament Street.

My Creative Approach To A City Hall Wedding

It was a beautiful wedding ceremony in the City Hall Atrium. One of the loveliest backdrop for wedding photographs in Dublin. There are also plenty of columns I can stand between so I am not visible during the ceremony. After the ceremony, we did the family pictures in the city hall. I also try to keep these as natural-looking as possible and incorporated the beautiful architecture of City Hall. There is an area by the side door of City Hall with an overhead view from the staircase that makes for the perfect spot for a group photograph.

I then brought Siobhan and Dave for a walk around the grounds of Dublin Castle for the bridal photographs. They did not feel like they were posing for wedding photographs but taking a nice walk together after being married. Dublin Castle grounds are also a lovely compliment to the City Hall wedding photographs. It all took only 10 minutes. So Siobhan and Dave did not miss any of their Fallon & Byrne wedding reception.

What If It’s Raining?

City Hall is one of the few venues in Dublin where you don’t have to worry about the weather on your wedding day. The beautiful interiors architecture of Dublin City Hall make for the loveliest backdrops to wedding photographs. So I always like to make the most of it. 

If it does rain get some outside pictures to add to the story of your City Hall wedding. After the pictures in City Hall, I usually go over to Dublin Castle with the couple. There are plenty of covered areas in the grounds of the castle. Whilst remaining dry and still adding the beautiful architecture as a backdrop to your City Hall wedding photography. 

That said 98% of the time the weather behaves itself. In the 15 years I have been photographing weddings there has only been one wedding where it has rained all day. There is always a break in Irish weather.

Social Distancing

Importantly it is possible to capture your City Hall wedding beautifully whilst adhering to social distancing.Since I use a portrait lens so I have to be at least 3 metres from the subject to achieve focus. Capturing a wedding in a natural way, I never need to touch or interfere in a scene.

Contact Deirdre

Above all Siobhan and Dave were delighted with their wedding photographs. They thought that they looked beautiful and very natural. Always one of the most rewarding part of wedding photography for me. Brides look at their most beautiful on their wedding day when you do not pose them too heavily. Also wedding guests look at their very best when they do not feel like they are being photographed.

So if you are looking for a photographer for your Dublin City Hall Wedding and you like my style please feel free to call me anytime. My mobile number is  087 995 1252. I would love to hear about your Dublin City Hall wedding plans. Also a category on the site is specifically for Dublin city centre weddings.  Where you may see more samples of my weddings around Dublin City.