Dublin Registry Office Wedding

Dublin Registry Office Wedding

Dublin Registry Office Wedding
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Registry Office Wedding Photography
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Dublin Registry Office Wedding

A lovely sunny day in December for Janette and Riley’s Dublin Registry Office Wedding.

Since it gets dark early at this time of year, Janette and Riley decided to meet before the ceremony. There are especially some lovely moments of them seeing each other for the first time at The Morgan Hotel.

We all then set off on a nice route I have planned out over the years for pictures near the registry office. Taking in the banks of the Grand Canal, Georgian Dublin and Merrion Square Park by the Oscar Wilde statue. I always like to give a sense of story and place to a registry office wedding photographs.

I always really enjoy photographing a wedding at the Dublin registry office. It is one of my favourite type of weddings to photograph. There are so many beautiful backdrops for the photographs in the surrounding areas.

My Creative Approach To A Registry Office Wedding

Since my background is as a photojournalist, I always like to give a sense of story and place to a couples wedding photographs. I went to New York straight after college and worked with The New York Times for seven years.

I really just photographed Janette and Riley walking through the city. Such an approach always makes the bride and groom feel like they are taking a nice walk through Dublin on their wedding day. Not like they were posing for wedding photographs. It also creates a nice story of the day.

After that, we met with the wedding guests on the banks of the canal, just two minutes from the registry office. It is a nice spot for photographs and very handy as it is so close.

The idea came to me at Janette and Riley’s wedding to do the group portrait standing on the Locks crossing the canal. It makes for a nice new angle and has a painterly quality to it. In addition guests always find it a bit of fun too.

The majority of couples that choose me as their wedding photographer do not like having their photograph taken. However couples always tell me that my approach added to the experience and memories of their day rather than taking away from it.

I think it would be lovely for couples in years to come to look back at pictures of them strolling through our lovely city on their wedding day.

Above all Janette and Riley were delighted with their photographs. So this is always the most rewarding part of wedding photography for me.

Contact Deirdre

Using a portrait lens, technically I have to be at least 3 metres from the subject to achieve focus. Therefore it is possible to capture your registry office wedding beautifully whilst adhering to social distancing. Also capturing a wedding in a natural way, I never need to touch or interfere in a scene.

So if you like my registry office wedding photography and my style please feel free to call me anytime on my mobile at 087 995 1252. I would love to hear about your registry office wedding plans.

In addition there is a category on the site specifically for registry office weddings. You may also see more samples of my Registry Office Wedding Photography at https://deirdrebweddings.ie/category/dublin-registry-office-weddings/