Fallon and Byrne Wedding

Fallon and Byrne Wedding

Fallon and Byrne WeddingFallon and Byrne WeddingsFallon & Byrne Wedding Ceremony
Wedding ceremony at Fallon and Byrne
Wedding photograph at Fallon and Byrne
Wedding Photo at Fallon & ByrneThe bride and groom pose for a wedding photograph by the pond in St.Stephen's Green before their Fallon & Byrne Wedding Reception
Fallon & Byrne Wedding Photo
The bride pictured in St. Stephen's Green in Dublin before her Fallon & Byrne Wedding Reception
Wedding photo in St. Stephen's green
Dublin Wedding Photo

The bride and groom pose in St. Stephen's Green for a Fallon & Byrne Wedding Photo
Dublin Wedding Photograph
Dublin Wedding Photography
The bride poses for a wedding photograph by St.Stephen's Green in Dublin before her Fallon & Byrne Wedding Ceremony
Urban Wedding Photo
Urban Wedding Photography
Urban Wedding Photographer
Urban Wedding Photos
Dublin Wedding Pix
Dublin Urban Wedding Photo

It was a lovely summer’s day for Deirdre and Donal’s Fallon and Byrne wedding. Primarily I like to photograph a wedding in a natural and unobtrusive way. To keep things simple and not make a fuss. Deirdre and Donal chose me for this reason. In particular they were looking for natural wedding photographs.

We started the wedding photographs in St. Stephen’s Green before the ceremony. Firstly photographing Deirdre and Donal walking through the park. Thus they felt like they were taking a nice walk on their wedding day. As a result, they did not feel like they were posing for wedding photographs.

After we met with both their families at the bandstand in St. Stephen’s Green which makes for a nice backdrop for photographs. The grass beside the bandstand is actually a very quiet area. So on a Saturday, it is a good spot for family pictures.

I also like to make family pictures as natural looking as possible also. I achieve this by asking the guests to walk towards the camera. It gives people something to do so the photographs do not look stiff. Also, I find it makes people smile of their own accord. I came up with this idea on the very first wedding I ever photographed. It makes the pictures more contemporary and natural.

Then it was then on to Fallon & Byrne for a lovely wedding ceremony which included a Celtic hand-fasting ceremony. After the ceremony, we did some pictures in the laneways around Fallon & Byrne to give a mix of the urban and nature to the wedding photographs. Deirdre and Donal were delighted with their wedding photographs. This is one of the most rewarding parts of wedding photography for me.

If you like my Fallon & Byrne wedding photographs and my style please feel free to call me anytime on my mobile at 087 995 1252. I would love to hear about your Fallon & Byrne Wedding plans.

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