Natural Wedding Photography

Thank you for visiting my web site and I hope you like the pictures. I like to photograph a wedding in a natural and unobtrusive way. Primarily I like to keep things simple and not make a fuss, which I find people really appreciate. I started to photograph weddings around the same time that I began to work with newspapers, with the New York Times for 7 years before returning to Dublin,  so I brought that documentary approach to my wedding photography. It makes the bride and groom feel comfortable. People look at their very best when they are relaxed. I do not like to impose myself on the day so apart from the portrait session, which I also keep natural looking, I think people usually do not notice me. Here are some samples of natural wedding photography from over the years.

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Natural Wedding Photography in Carlingford

I hope you liked the pictures and if you like my style please feel free to call me on my mobile at 087 995 1252. I would love to hear about your wedding plans and ideas. You may also see more samples of specific wedding at