Same Sex Wedding Photographer

Same Sex Wedding Photographer

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Same Sex Wedding Photographer

I am always delighted to be asked to photograph a same sex wedding. It is great to see how far Ireland had come in terms of in terms of liberty and equality. Also it is nice to have two handsome grooms in the pictures.

I photographed Adrian and Derek’s wedding at the Registry Office in Dublin. They were looking for natural and candid pictures which is how I like to photograph a wedding. I think people look at their very best if you do not pose them. I give some ideas and directions but I try to make it as easy as possible.

Grooms look at their most handsome on their wedding day when a photographer can manage to blend into the background and they do that feel like there are being photographed.

I have been photographing Dublin Registry Office weddings for over 10 years. It is one of my favourite locations in Dublin to photograph a wedding. This is because of all the beautiful locations for wedding photographs close by.

My Creative Approach To A Same Sex Wedding

I always like to give a sense of story and place to a couple’s wedding photographs. The Grand Canal and Georgian Dublin make for lovely backdrops for wedding photographs. It also gives a nice sense of Dublin to the story of the day.

I also came up with the idea a few years ago to do the group portrait of the guest stand on the Locks crossing the canal. The scene has a painterly quality to it and is an unusual angle. It is also only three minutes from the registry office. It is thus handy for everyone to walk up to it. The banks of the canal beside the lock also are a lovely place for the family pictures.. All in all it does not take too much time, around 15 minutes.

After a lovely ceremony at the Registry Office we set off to the lock across the canal for the group photograph. Guests always find this a lot of fun. We also did some other pictures on the banks of the canal. Then we set off on a route through Georgian Dublin that Adrian and Derek’s were happy with.

Adrian and Derek’s felt like they were taking a nice walk through Dublin after being married and not like they were posing for wedding photographs. Their parents can along on the walk so we could take more group picture along the way.

We arrived at Merrion Square park for some pictures under the watchful eye of Oscar Wilde. I am positive he would be very happy with the Ireland we have become.

Contact Deirdre

Adrian and Derek’s were very happy with their photographs. They thought they looked very natural. A happy couple is always one of the most rewarding part of wedding photography for me. If you are looking for a same sex wedding photographer feel free to call me anytime. My mobile number is 087 995 1252. I would love to hear about your wedding plans.

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