Micro Wedding

Micro Wedding

Micro Wedding in DublinMicro Wedding Photography at The Royal Hospital KilmainhamMicro Wedding Photo at The Royal Hospital KilmainhamMicro Wedding Ceremony at The Royal Hospital KilmainhamMicro Wedding Ceremony at The Royal Hospital Kilmainham DublinMicro Wedding Photography at The Royal Hospital Kilmainham DublinDublin Micro Wedding Photo in the grounds of The Royal Hospital KilmainhamMicro wedding photography of the bride and groom in the walled gardens in The Royal Hospital KilmainhamThe bride and groom in the walled gardens of the Royal Hospital Kilmainham during their Micro Dublin WeddingMicro Wedding in DublinMicro Wedding Family Portrait in The Grounds of The Royal Hospital KilmainhamRoyal Hospital Kilmainham Micro WeddingMicro Wedding Photo in DublinMicro Dublin WeddingThe bride and groom arrive for their micro wedding at The Dublin Registry OfficeThe bride and groom pictured at their Registry Office Micro WeddingGuests at a micro wedding in Dublin pictured on the lock crossing the Grand Canal in DublinMicro wedding photograph of the bride and groom walking through Georgian DublinBridal BouquetWedding CakeMicro wedding at Ghan House in CarlingfordMicro Wedding Photography in CarlingfordThe bride and groom pictured at their Carlingford micro weddingMicro Wedding Ireland at Carlingford AbbeyThe bride and groom pose for a wedding photograph in front of Carlingford Lough at a micro wedding in IrelandMicro wedding photographer photographs the bride and groom in front of Ghan House in Carlingford

Micro Wedding

Small is beautiful. I have been photographing Micro weddings for over 10 years. Photography them long before the term was coined or I was aware of a micro wedding myself.

Small weddings were always been my favourite to photograph. I alway felt couples were more relaxed and spending their wedding day with those who matter most to them. Undoubtedly less stressful for everyone.

Even with just two guests you will still have a wide variety of pictures. There are so many beautiful locations in our city close together to add to the story of your day.

A micro wedding automatically means limiting guests and budget takes a lot of stress out of planning a wedding in the current times.

The planning should be more simple and fun. 

A micro wedding removes a lot of the usual fuss and detail and allows a couple to refocus on what truly matters most. Marrying the person you love surrounded by those who mean the most to you. 

Obviously couples may be disappointed about having too postpone a large wedding. In spite of this we can still create a lovely story of your smaller wedding around our beautiful city and countryside. 

The reception will be really enjoyable when you do not have to play host. I have seen what fun couples have when the wedding is small. 

These were some samples from Micro weddings I have photographed over the years. At The Royal Hospital Kilmainham, The Dublin Registry Office and Ghan House in Carlingford.

My Creative Approach

With all my weddings, big or small. I like to photograph them in natural, calm, artistic and unobtrusive way. Above all I like to keep things simple and not make a fuss. The couples that choose me as their photographer always really appreciate this approach. It makes the day easier for them when they do not have to worry about posing all day.  

Most importantly brides look at their most beautiful on their wedding day when they do not feel under pressure to pose. I do have to give some small directions but it is very minor. Hence if you leave people alone and to their own devises everyone looks at their very best.

For the couples portraits I normally bring the bride and groom for a walk in the surrounding areas. Our beautiful city makes for the loveliest backdrop for wedding pictures. Couples feel like they are taking a nice walk after being married and not like they are posing for photographs.

Keeping the family pictures and natural and quick as possible is always one of my concerns. If there is room I ask people to walk towards the camera. I came up with this ides on the first wedding I every photographed. To break up the straight line and make the pictures more contemporary and natural. It gives people something to do and makes them smile of their own accord. Always a bit of fun and people usually enjoy it.

Contact Deirdre

Above all everyone is always delighted with their Micro wedding photographs. Always one of the most rewarding part of wedding photography for me. If you like my wedding photographs and my style please feel free to call me anytime on my mobile at 087 995 1252. I would love to hear about your Micro wedding plans.

You may see samples of individual Micro weddings at https://deirdrebweddings.ie/category/micro-weddings/